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Advice on set-top box MAG254 and subscription

Last post 10-30-2015, 9:41 PM by PeacefuMan. 0 replies.
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  •  10-30-2015, 9:41 PM 12104

    Advice on set-top box MAG254 and subscription

    Hi, I’m new to IPTV, and I’m sure I’m not the first one writing this, please be patient  …. I need some help and advices on deciding what to buy. I simply would like cheap TV at home, effortless, plug and play, something easy to operate, friendly interface, no updating codes all the time or going down lots of times, has all the channels possible (that is at least Arabic, French, North American English channels….), has also Video on demand (especially kids cartoon movies translated in Arabic ).

    Some years back I used to have a dish and box at home but now I would like to use a box over the internet, a set-top box?

    1- I’ve done some readings and reviews on many many websites and so far it seems that the MAG 254 is a good choice overall. So that is the hardware part. I tried to find the box in China but so far mostly MAG250 over there, otherwise I’ve seen few North American websites online selling it, the lowest so far is about 100 Canadian (about 75 USD).

    Do you have some other links where I could get the MAG 254 for less? I don’t need the Wi-Fi antenna, just the box and remote.,

    2- The soft part: I understand that the box is only useful when connected to servers to get files, either live streaming or video databases. I found many advertising for yearly subscriptions either on kijiji or Aliexpress in china for under 100 CAD. I did not crosscheck yet the content and channels list to compare them all. I guess here it’s important to have a server and service that is well maintained and has lots to offer. Again, in this side what would you advise and how much?

    Your professional experienced feedbacks are welcomed. Especially to avoid SCAMS, people could claim a lot behind screens. Feel free to send a private message as well.

    I live in Canada.

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