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Need good parental software with remote access……

Last post 11-27-2009, 1:34 PM by USTVfan1. 4 replies.
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  •  05-23-2008, 12:02 PM 1058

    Need good parental software with remote access……

    Hi everyone, Recently, I was tensed to see my kid visiting the sites that he shouldn’t have. I do know that there are certain parental control software that can act as good watchdogs, but I need a one that can help me to view the things that my kid is doing at home. Its good to have a look at whats going on….if he is really accessing those sites or they are just by chance….!!!


    Please do tell me if you have a solution to this…its really getting on my nerves!!!

  •  05-23-2008, 5:27 PM 1059 in reply to 1058

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    Re: Need good parental software with remote access……

    Take a look at System Surveillance Pro 5.5:


    "This snooping utility provides almost all the features essential for monitoring a PC, but we were especially impressed with its stealthiness. System Surveillance Pro logs keystrokes, IM chats, applications used, and Web sites visited, and can capture screenshots at user-defined periodic intervals."

  •  05-24-2008, 5:47 AM 1061 in reply to 1058

    Re: Need good parental software with remote access……

    I can understand what you must be feeling…its not digestable to see the young ones going nuts on the net…..I suppose that you must tried a few ones to spy on him. But if you need  parental software visit http://parentalcontrolguides.com that can help you to monitor the doings of your kids from office, then I think you would need the one that my friend was using. It was a good one…..and was satisfying too. I hope that it will make your life easier…..lower your worries on the young ones side.


    Best of Luck.

  •  06-03-2008, 10:21 AM 1089 in reply to 1058

    Re: Need good parental software with remote access……

    Hi, Ernestodavid.

    I certainly agree with you. Your suggested link is really very good.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this nice informtion with us.

  •  11-27-2009, 1:34 PM 3920 in reply to 1089

    Re: Need good parental software with remote access……

    Yes thanks for sharing the Info i will be trying this myself with my 3 teenage daughters
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