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  • Re: Vegas Bound

    great stuff... thanks for uploading.. quality is insane.. best one i ever saw on youtube.. I love vegas so much.. can't wait to visit it.. i love the style the casions the weather.. i love everything about this town! and by the way.. i was there three times allready and never lost a single dime ;)good luck everyone :D
    Posted to Recommended Video Clips (Forum) by charles123 on December 9, 2010
  • Re: Nextv is terrific

    Hi everyone :) ''I'm a NexTV customer, too but I heard that a company called German IPTV is now offering 24 German channels. A friend of mine is a customer and I checked out the picture quality, which was really good. Additionally, the picture seems to be stable and in two hours (time I watched) didn't experience a ...
    Posted to The IPTV Forums Lounge (Forum) by charles123 on December 9, 2010
  • Re: Here's my favourite clip

    hi there!:) its really funny - thank you for sharing!!Its really amazing what you can find on the internet.. There are so many stupid videos its amazing :D I mean even if i had the time i guess i couldn't all the stupid stuff that is out there :)
    Posted to Recommended Video Clips (Forum) by charles123 on December 9, 2010