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Last post 04-03-2016, 9:53 PM by zedan123. 1 replies.
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  •  07-22-2014, 10:48 AM 10481

    FULLIPTV Solution


    I have a commercial solution for iptv, that includes portal, streaming, transcoding, android app, enigma2 plugins, xbmc plugins, MAG boxes support, ipmacro boxes support, lifetime license, technical support, etc.

    All apps and plugins are secured and client won't see links to streams and anything else. Pratically this solution replaces stalker portal for administration.

    Customer management, invoicing, subscriptions, vod, automatic restart of channels in case of failure, playlist support in format xml, json, text, m3u8, accept any input that play in vlc, mpegts over http input, multicast support, client portal - users can watch channels based on subscription on web, multiple authentication types - serial number, mac address, user + pass, ip, even unique token auth for all devices.

    Multiple server support, failover, so even if portal is down, client will still work.

    Installation in 10 minutes on any ubuntu server.

    For seeing demo you can search on youtube fulliptv , there are 2 videos there.

    Also check www.fulliptv.com for more info. Support via http://forums.fulliptv.com

    This solution is stable secure and revolutionary.

    I am offering you this for a special price, not the website price, premium version, one time payment only, lifetime license.

    This solution support more than 1000 users and 200 channels on only one dedicated server with 8 g of ram.

    You can contact me via email to info@fulliptv.com
  •  04-03-2016, 9:53 PM 13185 in reply to 10481

    Re: FULLIPTV Solution

    Hallo kannst auch Deutch ich interesire mich fur iptv
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